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The intelligence of the spirit world....

I am so blown away by the intelligence of the spirit my life slows down following redundancy in April, I find myself no longer reflecting on my work, but seeing the beauty of how things unfold in the "now".

I have felt so spirit led during the last few years, that my life has been experienced as a perpetual series of changes, some welcomed, others more challenging. Yet in each of these highs and lows, they have truly been there supporting and guiding me to this very moment. #spiritualpath

The balancing act between living and serving the spirit world, converging ever closer together. So many of my fellow mediums will resonate with the feeling of knowing (security of belief in your future direction) vs your human requirements (putting money, career and security first). Yet, our own soul and spiritual inspirers know better. The challenge for me has not been what I am here to do (be of service), it has been my insane need for a definitive plan of when (security) #divinetiming

I have just spent a wonderful week at the Arthur Findlay College for a residential course on mediumship called "The Storyteller", organised by a fantastic medium called Chris Drew. Chris really is the epitome of a service led medium. He inspires me with his dedication to the work and also his moralistic approach to the responsibilities of being a voice for the spirit realm. #ethicalmedium. Alongside Chris were fellow tutors Shelley Youell and Eileen Davies. All three of these tutors speak in awe of the intelligence of spirit and the journey for me, experienced during the week, unfolded into a testament to this very fact. The spirit world know exactly what each person needs on their spiritual path. They turn up just when they are needed most and bring such healing and upliftment, it was magic to watch.

It is two years since my sister passed into the spirit world. I miss her every day. She inspired me in life, and is continuing to do so from the other side. Being a medium is wonderful gift, a blessing to be able to communicate with loved ones lost. It does however, not diminish my own grief, for the physical. I miss sitting with Chris, her smile, her humour, her zest for life and most of all her touch. She always would hold my hand, hug and kiss me when we said goodbye. These are the pangs of grief that still overwhelm me. Although I know she is well and loved in the spirit world, as a medium and her sister, it is sometimes difficult to truly feel her tangibly, as I do for my clients. #spiritsister

In this week of mediumship development, under the guidance of Eileen, I really felt that the power of my connection to spirit, took a further step forward in my wider awareness of communications, particularly opening up clairaudience. This is the ability to hear spirit. I love music, always have. Chris, Elaine (my living sister) and I, all love to dance and sing and enjoy the upliftment from music. This week, just when I needed to feel her close, Chris came through. In the songs that appeared on my playlist and in the accidental snippet of Dancing Queen by Abba in the sanctuary. With such detailed messages given from my colleagues, I received yet more healing from my loss. She finally came through to me so clearly in a meditation, I felt that there was no space between us. She looked radiant, happy and totally with me on my journey, living all of the magic that is unfolding, seeing it through my own eyes. #spiritualconnection

Remember, that your guides and loved ones are communicating with you daily, whether through synchronicities, sounds, smells, or spoken words (song lyrics, radio). You simply need to slow down enough to experience this for yourself. Sitting quietly each day to listen to the silence, which is never truly silent, expands your awareness beyond the self. In these moments you can adjust your own frequency to hear the beat of your own heart and that of the universe. This beat is love. It never leaves you, it is eternal. Please take time to tune in and experience it for yourself. #eternallove

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