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Acceptance, appreciation and abundance

Well, this is the last day of 2023 and what a year it has been. It has been an absolute roller coaster of a year, with highs and lows, defeats, growth, challenge and success. I started the year with an amazing astrology reading from my good friend Laurie St Clare, which set me on the road to further uncover insights in to my soul self. Birth charts are so enlightening, but in the hand of a profession, they can reveal so much from a soul level about previous lives, present challenges and future potentials. 2023 did not hold back. Uranus, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter all played their part. It really was a fork in the road. From a professional point of view, jobs that had been overshadowing my spiritual self, were washed away. Redundancy gave me the opportunity to take time out, travel and explore my development path deeper. It was the very start of a rebirth.

Rather than go through every adventure, pictures really do speak a thousand here you go a whistle-stop tour of 2023 started with a trip to Boston, then Stanstead (AFC), then a wedding in Tuscany, then onto Omega and New York (with Bev), short hop to Spain, then back to Stanstead (AFC). Plus a girls trip to the coast, seeing Abba in London and Billy Joel with my bestie, plus a campervan trip to the south coast. Finished up the year with Ellen's visit and our tour of the Cotswolds and Wells Cathedral. Plus some new kittens to add some fun! What a year it has been ! #blessed #lovetravel #spiritualgrowth #soulexpansion #soulfamily #spiritualteachers

Alongside this, I managed to fit in a photoshoot, a new website, building other websites for people, plus expanding my work with spirit. With readings in person at Elements of Avebury, demonstrations both in person and online, plus several psychic fairs, many one-to-ones, it has been a crazy year!

I am super proud and feel blessed to have welcomed into fruition "The Soul Circle" events. With live demonstrations of mediumship (thanks to Ellen and Caren for joining me online), plus Jackie for being part of my first Soul Connections Conversation. You are all soul family. #soulsisters

I must also acknowledge my mentor Tony Stockwell, your guidance and friendship have meant the world this year. Chris Drew, for his fabulous courses at AFC, his development circles and the amazing introduction to Eileen Davies, who continues to support my trance journey. What a joy and how exciting is it to find your spiritual teachers on this path! #spiritualdevelopment

It only takes a quick peak into the start of 2024, to see that this work is far from done. I hope it will last a lifetime and from this position of acceptance (of my path), appreciation of Spirit and my Soul Tribe, I know that to walk a soul-led life can only attract abundance into my life. I wish each and every one of you a breath-taking New Year, one filled with adventure, support, love, good health and much happiness. As my sister in spirit said this year to me "don't think small, think big!". I might not have reached the top of the mountain, but the view continues to be magnificent. I know each day is a blessing, whether it faces challenge or joy. Happy New Year to my spirit family, I walked ever step of this adventure with you. #happynewyear #abundance #love #happiness #spiritualawakening #soulfedlive

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