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Diane Simmons, Medium. The Soul Within, Meditation and Testimonials

Inside each of us is a guide. We each have a soul within that has learnt from many previous lifetimes.  This knowledge is accessible for each of us in this lifetime.  As an embodied soul-being, we can communicate with discarnate souls who live within the spirit world through mediumship and we can also connect to our own soul to discover what this life journey is all about.  


The Soul Within

Through my work as a medium, I communicate with spirit to bring heartfelt messages to enable healing and evidential proof that life is eternal.

I am passionate about The Soul Within and the unfolding knowledge that exists within each of us.  Through soul readings and my spiritual development space The Soul Circle, I bring together many like-minded teachers and those that seek this knowledge into a virtual circle, where spiritual knowledge can be shared across the globe.

I am also a Reiki healer, supporting clients who seek healing and rebalance.  Click on my services page to find out more.


Raise up your soul 

The soul within is capable of connecting with the divine, enabling us to transcend our physical bodies into the light of creation.

Use this free 15 minute meditation to elevate the frequency of your soul, to discover your own soul gifts.

Within each of us, lies a spark of the divine, longing to reconnect to the universal source of love and healing.  

What spiritual gifts are within you?

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Diane Simmons, Medium. The Soul Within.  Testimonials and Meditation.

“Just had my reading with Diane…wow! Extremely accurate and detailed. Would not hesitate in recommending her”

Glen,Twickenham, UK

"I had the most lovely experience with Diane when I had four sessions of Reiki with her. Also the chats with her afterwards were so helpful felt very uplifted after each session"

Jackie, Benson, UK

Diane Simmons, Medium. The Soul Within. Testimonials and Meditation.
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