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Half way through the year !!

Who can believe's July tomorrow and we are already half way through 2024. I often think it is so strange how time often seems to turn so slowly (when we are waiting for the good stuff to happen), yet moves so quickly (when we should be enjoying each moment for the growth it brings).

So often we forget to enjoy the moments that we have. I am as guilty as the next person, for rushing ahead in my mind, to look for answers to challenges, or to imagine what the next part of my journey is. Yet, when I do take a breath, I realise how much I need to adjust and realign.

This last month I have been simply surviving how busy I am at the moment. Rushing from one task to the next, feeling overwhelmed at times with exhaustion. But is that really the case?

I know that I thrive on being busy, it's true. I seem to accomplish more, focus more and challenge the status quo of life that way. That is true to my nature, but my body is the other side of 50 now, and complains more when I push it too hard.

So July for me, is a time to rebalance. Half way through the year, many amazing experiences, under my belt. It's time to breath, get back to practising what I teach. I had a wonderful conversation earlier this year with a "trance" colleague, who paraphrased the words of Glyn Edwards to me - "Spirit is interested in you, now go and find out what they want from you". This resonated greatly, in how my own spiritual awakening and journey has unfolded. For, it really began with a massive nudge from the Universe, has led me on a roller coaster ride discovering so much about myself and my connection with Spirit. During which, I have been fortunate enough to receive multiple spiritual readings, from colleagues and professionals alike. All which stated clearly that I would become a teacher. For me, this has always seemed so far off. How long would it take me to be able to know enough, be competent enough and deliver enough, to be worthy of such a title. I'm a tough human to concur! For I set the bar high, expect a lot from myself and like a lot of sensitives, speak harshly to any ambition coming into fruition.

Yet June started with my first in person course at Tony Stockwell's centre in Essex, called "Ignite Your Soul Power". I must say, that Spirit brought me such a wonderful group of participants. Some, who I respect greatly in their own work, others just beginning that wonderous journey of enlightenment themselves. I had sat at Christmas last year and channelled this particular course, as a culmination of my human experiences, and a deep inner knowing from my Soul that the workshop had a purpose. The day was filled with the power of Spirit. Magical and wonderous experiences and discoveries happened for us all in that group. For me personally, a teacher was awoken. No longer limited by my human, but embraced and expanded in my Soul's knowing.

Many tears of sadness have been shed over the last 10 years, in the falling away of old paradigms, patterns and people in my life. The tears this time are those of pure exhilaration and joy. For finding true purpose in life, is the elixir we all seek and I was lucky enough to experience a few drops of my own Soul's knowing of the path that lays ahead.

Diane xx

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