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A time of expansion!

Well it has been an age since I wrote my last blog and the time has certainly flown past! I have had an "interesting" Spring 2024, not least with some down time for an unexpected illness. But, you cannot say that it has been dull in any fashion. #spiritualawakening

This year I have started my CSNU qualification in Speaking and Demonstrating. I took time to consider if this was right for me, but have found the decision has bought the ability to offer greater service to the Spirit World, as well as finding new friends along the way. I am doing this as a 2 year intensive course at the Barbanell Centre, which sees me there three weeks of each of the two years to study in person and demonstrate at local churches. Outside of this, I have begun servicing my local area churches, which has been most rewarding. I am passionate that the gifts I have are given for a purpose, and being able to bring loved ones together in service, is a true privilege. You will see on my website where you can find me next on this journey of demonstration and inspirational speaking. #spiritualservice

I did manage to fit in a wonderful long weekend in Wales with my good friend, Ellen Henry at the end of April. Which, despite being poorly with labyrinthitis, great food, walks and spending time by the sea was enjoyed by all.

I have also been busy preparing for my upcoming in person course at Tony Stockwell's Soul Space in Billericay in June on Ignite Your Soul Power. I am so looking forward to being in person for this course, as for me the altered states are best experienced in the flesh so to speak. Trance continues to be a lifelong journey of discovery. I thought long and hard at the end of 2024, about creating my own Trance Circle this year, which I was thrilled to start in January 2025. This wonderful group of mediums in that group, continue to deepen the work with spirit and we have had so many wonderful experiences so far, no doubt a small book of inspiration will come forth from this group, as part of sharing this journey with others. Keep you eye out for that. #trancejourney

May bank holiday, I was thrilled to fly back over to Boston, to see Tony demonstrate both trance and mediumship with the wonderful Lauren Rainbow in person. I didn't need an excuse to spend more time on the East Coast with Ellen Henry, Jackie Duffey and Gurdeep Bhogal. What a weekend we had. So much laughter, tears and love. It really did replenish my Soul. #thankyouspiritfamily

Alongside this, I also made the decision to return to corporate work, to support my travel and development plans. Being a full time medium and trying to do this, is financially a challenge. I didn't want to put myself under the pressure of making my Spirit work support me alone, as a decision would come that would challenge my ethics to ensure that the work I do for Spirit, is not just all about the buck. It's tough though, as both sides of my work (corporate and Spiritual) are busy. I don't seem to have enough time in the day, coupled with my coursework and courses I am delivering. But I have faith that the Spirit World have this all covered for me, as yet again, I end up with an invite for a job rather than seeking one out so actively. Let's see what the rest of the year has in store there, but for the moment I am grateful for the bank balance :-) #balancingthebooks.

I have so many things coming up to look forward to, alongside the workshops, demonstrations and online talks planned in the Soul Circle, I have my ticket booked for another week in Omega, NY for trance and mediumship. So plenty to get focussed on. I hope you are all surviving the astrological year, which is full of drama, change and expansion. If you have been struggling with these planetary alignments, do not feel alone. I speak regularly to many light workers, who are all going through the mill, in one way or another. All we can do, is keep going and keep striving to be who we are. This truly is a time for us to hold strength and light in this world, it needs it. #abettertomorrow

Much love,

Diane x

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