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Soul to Soul Readings (Psychic) 

Soul to Soul readings, help clients explore experiences and learnings from their past, what may be happening now in their present and look at opportunities that may present themselves in their future These expansive psychic readings, empower the recipient using their own intuition (soul) as the guide.


A Mediumship reading, helps clients connect with loved ones in Spirit.  By sharing evidence of the Spirit Communicator, these sessions also highlight awareness of the recipient's life present and any messages that Spirit wish to share to provide healing.

Trance Mediumship 

A trance mediumship reading involves a deeper blend with the soul of those in the Spirit world connected to the recipient in order to bring through healing and messages.  You may feel and experience atmospheric changes and other physical phenomena, in addition to the messages you receive whilst I am in trance.  



As a Reiki practitioner, I use this healing modality to enhance and restore balance to the client's energy centres (chakras), which also often brings emotional wellbeing to my clients

Diane Simmons Healing

My approach

Through my own spiritual awakening, I have experienced so many tangible aspects of spiritual communication.  

I always want my clients to be part of the experience of working with Spirit.  I want them to feel the closeness and support of the spirit world and the power of their own soul within.

"When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, of joy"   Rumi

My Approach
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