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Take a moment to acknowledge growth!

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

It's mid-November, and we are moving at speed towards the holiday season, whether that be Thanksgiving in the US, or followed in short succession, Christmas festivities here in the UK. #holidayseason

It can be a really busy time of year for everyone, and yet I always find this time of year is one of reflection, for me. I've always had this association with what others see as a super happy, buzzy time of year. My soul almost pulls me back from the frenzied energies that are turned up to the maximum at this time. I know this is going to sound odd, but Christmas has always been an ominous time for me, perhaps it is the Seer in me. I almost see the events and family gatherings as landmarks for the year, and acknowledgement that some of those present may not to be present when another year passes by. I have always thought that, from an early age. Could never explain it, but it had weight and reverence to the thought. I don't mean to be melancholy, as I don't think that is what my soul means to express in this thought. I believe that what my soul is always trying to say is, "mark this moment in time", remember and acknowledge all those that are important in your life and celebrate living in this moment. Perhaps that is great advice to us all as we enjoy the next few weeks with friends and family #savoureachmoment

This is a time of year, where I enjoy rest. I mean a deeper rest than at other times of the year. I need it. My soul calls me to surrender to it and embrace self-reflective thoughts of all that has passed in the previous 11 months. If you are like me, we are so focussed on what's next that we forget to look at what has been achieved. I know that I apply the same self-critical approach to my spiritual growth, as I have previously applied to my work-life. As you all know, my work-life has shifted beyond recognition this year and I find myself ending 2024, truly outside of my corporate comfort zone. My pledge to spirit, to utilise my time and energy for the benefit of "the greater good" in terms of my spiritual work, has bought in so many opportunities this year, I do feel blessed. #abundantworker I also feel that my own understanding of this work has expanded through meeting so many other gifted workers, and being part of both trance and mediumship circles that stretch and develop me yet further #perpetualstudent. I am writing this blog a couple of hours ahead of demonstrating mediumship, near my home town. It makes me smile. You see the in-control Taurean, really is out-of-control and is being guided. I think the biggest area in my development this year, has been to surrender. I have consciously decided to surrender my life purpose and path to spirit and my own soul's knowing. It's a new way of living for me: uncomfortable; unforgettable and unbelievable. It is both terrifying, yet exhilarating. You see, I totally get that as humans we are limited. Sure, we perceive our future in 3D, but as a soul being, the truth of what is next may well be beyond what we can comprehend. Surrendering is not passive though. It is active. It is through active commitment to do the work, in whatever opportunities arise, that this journey unfolds. I am looking forward to sharing more with you on this in December's blog. In the meantime take care and make the moments magical x #magicmoments

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