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Makeover magic !

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

My first blog on my new website, seems truly magical! I have spent the last few months working on my rebrand and photography, in preparation for this very moment. It's a coming of age in my spiritual journey. I am no longer looking to reunite myself with my soul, I have truly connected to it, hence this new chapter of my life is all about The Soul Within. #thesoulwithin

Like many psychic mediums I know, I am at my most comfortable working with spirit as it seems completely natural to connect to discarnate beings. Saying that, having my photographs taken and sitting as my human self in front of a camera, that was a different thing all together. #terrifying

After undertaking extensive research on personal branding, I knew exactly the type of photography that I wanted to secure. Pinterest board at the ready, I went on the hunt for a photographer on line. I wanted someone to capture my true essence and someone who is real. Authenticity is one of my key values. I am also fussy, I must admit. I like to see creativity and passion in anyone I engage with. This seemed a tough find as so many photographers are great at the still shots (the staged) and have so little interest in their subjects that they don't connect and it shows in their work. You know me, I'm all about connection. #connected

Then a miracle happened, or should I say a piece of synchronicity.....I came across the truly amazingly talented Gemma Brunton.

After a several phone calls, shared Pinterest boards, and a genuine connection, it was booked! I found a fabulous apartment in Bath, set off with my son's girlfriend Georgia (make-up artist), and enough luggage full of clothes, shoes, crystals, cards and jewellery to set up shop in the marketplace out the front! #beprepared

We started the day with a mini fire drama in the café below, but that didn't stop us! Gemma reorganised the apartment furniture, found the light in each room, just at the right moment. She settled my nerves and before we knew it, it was 4pm and we were catching the last bit of light outside to finish the day.

Gemma was fantastic. She really lived up to the brief and fact much more. She truly participated. She asked so many questions about the work that I do. Shared space with me for the day. For that, and the amazing photos, I can't help but shout her name from the rooftops! #theamazingGemma.

If you are looking for a fantastic photographer and human being, check out Gemma's work, you can find her at or on Instagram

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