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It's not all peaches, being a sensitive!

The above statement is true and in many different ways. I openly acknowledge on my website that my life is so much more full of purpose and meaning since the start of my spiritual journey #soulpurpose. But what I perhaps should add, is that being a psychic/medium or empath, has brought other challenges too #soulgrowth

For starters, in my own life it often affects who I want hang out with, where I want to hang out, what I feel drawn to doing, what I eat... I have to say that a lot of these have changed/evolved from the previous version of me. I reflect on this as my inner calmness, seeks calmness. My soul calls for a sanctuary. Somewhere I can reduce the volume of noise from the outside world. I'm not talking a silent isolated home necessarily, hell no! I'm talking about environments where I feel the reverence of positive energies. This is for all of my senses, both old (human) and new (spiritual). In this work, it is all about energy....I know, I keep writing about this! #energyaddict

For me I like to surround myself, wherever I am staying, with the following: smells (my favourite candle or incense) #lifeaffirmingsmells; music (I love music) #soulsinging; food (I eat a little fish, but am vegetarian) and love bold flavours from around the world #tastesensations; books for reading and writing to stimulate my thoughts #pupilandteacher and most importantly, it will be view.....I love to look at an interior that I feel amazing in, or out at a view (whether by the sea or in the countryside) reminds me of the magic that life brings to us all each day #liveinthemoment. This list no doubt, is also because I am a Taurean #tauruslovebeautifulthings.

It is the same with people. I like to hang out with kind people. People who are passionate about what they do. People who care about the planet, animals and others. People who genuinely listen to others and are inclusive. Look, I'm not saying this has made me into a Saint, but I just don't tolerate negativity or unkind people of any type any more. I wish them well, and quickly move on #loveandforgiveness

I highlight all of these things, because our senses are truly heightened by our spiritual awakening process. In so, we become a sponge for atmospheric debris from both other people and places, again often without even spotting it. As sensitives, protecting and balancing our energy is essential to enable us to do this work. I am writing this blog, to remind me too btw, as I am a work-in-progress! #selfcareforpsychics

Now, another aspect of awakening is the time we spend looking within. Spirit workers call this (shadow work). For when you spend less time projecting outwardly what you think others want to see from you....spend more time whether physically in your sanctuary....or in meditation with your soul...there is nowhere to hide anymore. I have to say that no rock (or ego) is left unturned in the ongoing process #soulsearching.

We all change and grow throughout life, shaped by experiences (mind and memory). When you awaken, you start to work with your soul not your mind (that eternal energy within you). Your soul is a deep well that is full of the waters of knowing (past lives and this). I say it is a well, but not in a dark and murky pool kind of a way, perhaps it would be better to describe it in a vast, expansive endless ocean sort of way. To deepen this analogy further, lets use this to explain that in this particular life, we are all searching for coordinates each day. Some days things seem straightforward and it feels that we have a map (plan) #divinedirection and other days less so, where you are following your intuition (soul-compass) #destinycalls.

From where I sit today, I believe that to be the biggest and best expression of who you truly are and to fulfil your life purpose (whether you know what it is or not), you will need to get rid of any baggage (personal debris) off your vessel (body/mind/soul), that no longer serves you. It isn't an easy ride #oftenpainful. But sometimes you have to accept that you will lose a few things on this journey, but it is all part of enabling you to set sail at speed! #bonvoyage. Remember that the bigger and brighter version of you, is illuminating the way #thesoulwithin.

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