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Intuition....are you picking up the signals?

Have you ever had a worrying feeling in the pit of your stomach that something wasn't right or even the opposite, a feeling of excitement about the future but had no tangible evidence that something good was about to happen.

Well you are not alone. As psychics we are not the only ones with this inner knowing, I think most people can say that at some point in their lives they have experienced similar things. #weareallpsychic

As a Reiki practitioner, those butterflies or anxious feelings in your stomach area, aligns beautifully with your solar plexus chakra. For those not in the know, we each have multiple energy centres or chakras (spinning wheels of energy) that are part of our energetic body. These lie inside and outside of our physical body running in line with our spine vertically. The solar plexus is found in your stomach area and when in balance, provides us with drive and forward momentum, as well as confidence and self will. It is the centre of what people have always referred to as your "gut instincts". I believe your soul uses this chakra to give a physical sensation when your brain needs to wake up! #soulguidance

We all need a "soul nudge" every now and then, to either make a decision on things or sense what is good or bad for us. The problem is that modern day life gets us completely fixated outside of feeling things. Phone calls, emails, busy family life, stressful doesn't matter what you are doing each day, something is screaming to grab your attention. Your energetic body often gets silenced by the noise of it all. This is why I'm such an advocate of meditating or taking a minimum of 15 mins a day to be mindful at least. Finding this "space" in your life is transformational. This is the beginning of allowing your soul to rise up and to communicate to your senses. #soulawakening

Intuition is no different. You need to practice listening to it as well. There are multiple ways to do this. For example, if you have a decision to make on something, find some quiet space to sit and ask yourself the question you need an answer to out loud. How do you feel when you say it? Excited, non-plus or not keen. Often we sense the answer automatically, but sometimes it's best to sit with things for a few days and repeat this exercise. Also, don't mistake nerves (felt again in the solar plexus) for a "no" response. Excitement feels pretty similar to nerves. Nervousness tends to be excitement followed by an internal negative statement....such as "I'm not good enough to do it". #listentoyourinstincts

Now I personally have been working on my intuition. It has been a steady guide for me since a child, but I also realise that although my intuition is strong, my need for balance (which comes from having a good dose of Libra in my chart), has also made my intuition a reason to fix or move from negative intuitive messages at speed. So, for example, if I am aware that a job is coming to an end, before it has even had a chance to happen, I would have found a new job and rushed to be ahead of the event unfolding. This has not always served me well. Although we need to be guided by our intuition, we must also sometimes let things play out, as the outcome may well be for our greater good.....if we are just patient enough to let it manifest itself! #slowdownbull

So, for this month, I challenge you to spend more time listening to your intuition. See where your soul is trying to guide you....mine is taking me on a new adventure, more on that next time. #souladventure

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