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Further destinations on my soul path....

I am amazed to be sat at my desk writing my latest blog in the middle of September! Where have the weeks gone? #welcomeautumn

For me, August was a blur of travel, from Tuscany to New York and then a short hop to Spain. I really think in a previous life I was a nomadic traveller. It's in my blood not to sit still and I know that travelling for me is the physical manifestation of my need for freedom. #soulfreedom

I appreciate this is not the case for everyone, but the thought of staying in one area of the world for my whole life leaves me in a cold sweat. I don't think I always felt like this. It wasn't until I found myself travelling around the world with a Formula One team over a decade ago, that I became a confident traveller. It gave me a thirst for experiencing different cultures and places. Add into this my spiritual awakening and I am now truly on a mission to discover as much as I can about the world, spirituality and cultures, before I depart! #soultraveller

Over the last 5 years, this is not the only thing I have discovering about myself. Whilst away, I had some time to really consider how far I have travelled on my soul path and what may be some of the destinations that lay ahead. #soulcalling.

Certainly after some fairly "out there" experiences, Spirit had got my attention by 2018. Since then, I have been focused on developing and learning as much as I can from teachers who are both highly regarded but also whom I trust and believe in. #spiritteachers

But, this is just one part of this journey. It does not take into account the material changes that this work has on both your life and purpose #lifepurpose....this unfolds as you experience more of your own soul power rising and remember why you came back to earth this time around #soulamnesia

You see, I have always wondered what my purpose was, from an early age. Little did I know that the experiences I had a child, a teenager and in my late twenties, were all giving me clues that I was a medium. I was trying my utmost to not follow my soul's guidance. This was mostly due to fear. Fear of being different. Fear of death. Fear of anything I didn't have the answers to!! I can laugh now about it, but my spirit team really did have their hands full getting my human's attention. #spiritguides

Even after taking multiple mediumship courses, etc, I still was focussed externally on this being my human doing the work, which I felt terrified by! It wasn't until I took a year-long trance course with Tony, that the really big piece of the whole puzzle became clear. It is my soul doing this work! #stupidhuman. My love of trance has continued ever since. So my week's adventure at Omega this year, working on Mediumship and Trance, has proven as transformational as the last. Sitting for a week with other gifted mediums and healers, enables the power of your own soul and it's work to rise to greater heights. #soulsupport

You see, when my sister died in 2021, I had a conversation with Spirit that I was 100% committed to doing my best to be a voice for them, if that was what my life purpose was. It was a time where I no longer looked at this being about me. Sure, I had all these spiritual experiences, and I was changing yes, but why? The grief I was experiencing, answered that question, loud and clear. This isn't a journey of self-indulgence. It is a journey of service and I made a pledge on that basis. #souldedication

Since then, so much has happened. Spirit have lived up to their part of the bargain, by bringing me opportunities to work for them. I too have stepped up and got myself out of the spiritual closet, online and in person. I have also invested in my own continued education, to be of the greatest service.

Last year at Omega, I had the idea to launch an online events and training platform called The Soul Circle. This was to showcase not only my work, but the work of a multitude of amazing spiritual workers to wider audiences, ultimately to offer healing and knowledge to as many people as I can. Last Sunday was the first of these events and I am really excited to see how this develops further. #thesoulcircle.

This year, I'm still processing all that happened during my trance week. However, what I do know is, that it unlocks yet more of my soul's calling. The closer I get to experiencing my soul, I believe the better my human becomes. Not in a get me way #humanangel, in a focussed way #lifepurpose. So let's see. Keep an eye out on my website in the coming months, for not only The Soul Circle Events, but also for chances to join me online for discovery workshops...#spiritualjourney

Take care xx


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