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Finding your tribe....

I can't believe it is already the end of July and time for another update from me. As I am getting ready for a super busy August, travelling to Italy for a wedding and then onto New York and Omega during the second half of the month, I have been reflecting on how important it is to find your tribe on this spiritual journey and have fun.

This photo from my trip to Omega in October last year, sums up how it feels when you find like-minded people, who do this work for all the right reasons. It is no surprise that people flock to work with Tony Stockwell, he exudes the right attitude to our work as mediums, whilst genuinely being one of the funniest and nicest people I know. I can honestly say that last year's Trance week, was so much fun, filled with music, stories, fun and laughter, it really was life-affirming. So many talented workers in this photo (Stacy, John, Dave and Bev) #soulfamily and all with their individuality and focus, sharing a common belief to genuinely help others #lightworkers.

I know it is so important to have people around you that are honest and share their experiences from a "non-ego" based perspective. You know that I am an advocate that you never stop learning and whether like me, you are working with paying clients or not, I believe it is critical to have others to share your experiences with and to develop alongside, in order to stay the course as a medium. I have heard so many other people talk about how often people give up the work as they feel isolated or hit roadblocks in their development. This is not about being good enough at the work, there is a lot of pressure on us as workers to deliver the goods. Of course we deal with the cynics, often further empowered by some of our less ethical colleagues, looking for any chance to call us fake. But for me, this is nothing compared to the pressure we put on ourselves to be capable of outstanding work every time we sit for a reading or demonstrate. This type of pressure can buckle the best of mediums in this work. But, surrounded by the right teachers, spiritual tribe, you can truly develop your gifts into all that your soul path had in mind for you in this life.

So this month I thought I'd share three key things to help all of us in this work, it is something I remind myself each time I step out as the voice for spirit #threegoldenrules.

One - you are not doing this work (as your human), it is your soul that is the facilitator. #surrender

Two - go into every situation with the intention to bring healing and to be the best intermediary for spirit that you can be #spiritcommunicator

Three - Enjoy and have fun. The last one is so important. Energetically, it is the elixir to raise up your soul power #lightenup

So as I sign off this blog, I am super excited to be off to spend time with my soul tribe in August, where magic, love, healing and laughter will be shared with old friends and new. Another great opportunity to learn from the best, surrounded by my tribe, in what is a truly magical place Omega

Happy Holidays

Diane xx

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