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Autumn soul journey, no time for hibernation?

October is running away with us, as we head towards bonfire night and Halloween and then the clocks change at the end of the month (in the UK)! There is something beautiful about this time of year. The colours are vibrant and my cool morning walks bring colour to my face #autumnbeauty

Although the earth seems to be slowing down, I find this time of year brings focus to my year ahead. I know that there is no time to waste in hibernation. Each day needs to be seized and embraced. This year so far, has been busy with travel and further learning opportunities. Lots of one-to-one readings and the launch of The Soul Circle events completed. It has been very productive, yet just a glimpse of what is next on my soul journey. It's funny that despite being a psychic, so much is yet to unfold which is unseen. I think my guides don't want to spoil all of the amazing experiences yet to come! #soulmagic

I'm looking forward to demonstrating mediumship in November both online and in person, plus finalising more amazing guests for The Soul Circle in 2024. I have been really enjoying working on various marketing projects for friends too, utilising my business skills. Sometimes you just forget how much you have learnt from your "earth-life" and how applicable it is to expanding the work of spirit #spiritualbusiness

I have also been working on several workshop concepts for next year too, so keep your eyes peeled! I have been enjoying sitting in a trance circle again, where I feel embraced by the power of my own spirit and my spirit team. I know that it brings a deepening of my work in all aspects, whether psychic, mediumship or trance itself. There is such mis-conception and fear around trance work, yet if authentic, it can be truly magical and the purest form of connection to divine messages and healing from the collective #tranceaddict

So as I wrap up my latest musings, I want to encourage you all to spend more time with your own soul and spirit team this month. As the clocks change and more time is spent in doors, create a sacred space and time for yourself. Light that candle or incense stick, get comfy clothes on, dedicate 30 minutes a day to YOU. Even if you have never meditated before, it does not matter. Put on some soothing music that makes you feel calm and close your eyes. Take three really large breaths in and out, let go of all tension in your body. See yourself as a glorious light, getting bigger and bigger the more you feel yourself calming. As your light extends beyond you, just enjoy with no expectation of what will come next. The spirit world and your soul knows just what you need....maybe it will be a feeling, or a vision or a sense of peace. Whatever it is, it is just for you. You deserve it. Enjoy xxx #soulspace

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